In the video below, Fool analysts Jason Moser and Austin Smith discuss why it may be a good time to buy and hold Chipotle stock.

Moser sees a lot of growth yet to come for Chipotle. It operates in the fast-casual area of dining, now a $25 billion-per-day market and still growing fast.

Chipotle now owns about 1,300 stores in the U.S. Moser says that number can double with no problem at all. Taco Bell operates some 5,700 stores worldwide. So there is plenty of room for Chipotle to grow, Moser says.

The company also has great potential in its ShopHouse Asian fast-casual restaurant. It now owns and runs just one ShopHouse store, in Washington, D.C.

The stock had been selling at a premium, but a recent pullback has brought it in line with slower-growing competitors, the analysts say.

Moser says Chipotle is a stock investors can buy today and hold onto for a decade.

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