As 2012 comes to a close, energy analysts Joel South and Taylor Muckerman are detailing the top energy stocks of 2012. Coming in the No. 9 spot for 2012 is EOG Resources (NYSE:EOG).  

EOG Resources has continually been ahead of the curve especially when it comes to innovation. In addition to growing its liquids production by the largest amount among its peers since 2010 in terms of volume, the company has also found innovative ways to minimize drilling costs, as well as ingenious methods for selling its oil at a premium. 

The first measure is a result of EOG's sand mill purchase, which can shave off $1 million per well drilled. The second comes from being a crude-by-rail leader. EOG has optionality when it comes to selling its oil. The company can move its crude from the Bakken to either Cushing, Okla., or St. James, La. With the international Brent and U.S WTI price differential, EOG was able to sell its oil at times at a $25 premium than peers in the Bakken. Check out the video below for more information on EOG and if to determine if the company will be able to build off its 20% price appreciation so far this year. 

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