The market reaction to a research report from noted short-seller Andrew Left caught left Intuitive Surgical (Nasdaq:ISRG) shareholders stunned. After all, it's not every day we see a blog post wipe out $2 billion in market value in under 48 hours.

The topics raised in Left's Citron Research report have ramped up rhetoric around the long-term need for medical robotics, particularly those as expensive as Intuitive's da Vinci systems. While the Fool's David Williamson and Brenton Flynn attempted to dispel some of the worries brought up in the report, it's reasonable for any investor exposed to robotic surgery, such as those holding shares of MAKO Surgical (Nasdaq:MAKO), to be concerned. Follow along in the video below as Brenton runs through the news from a MAKO shareholder'

 s perspective.

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