The iPad mini has largely been met with wide critical praise and high consumer demand. However, a report out today from DigiTimes hints that due to supply constraints, Apple might only be able to ship 8 million this holiday quarter. Amid hand-wringing over iPad mini sales, the company's shares fell another 1.4% today as Nokia edged upward 1.25% and Research In Motion surged 11%.

In the video below, senior technology analyst Eric Bleeker notes that investors should be cautious of any reports from DigiTimes. The company has had "sources" inside Apple's supply chain that were correct, but has also has whiffed badly on other reports. More to the point, Eric points out that tablets should continue showing robust demand for years to come. The iPad mini isn't a device to be measured this holiday season, supply constrains or not, but instead across the next five years as tablet sales are more than set to double. From that standpoint, he says Apple investors should be pleased with reception so far to the newer, smaller iPad.