Biopharma company Amarin limped into the new year as its shares slid a massive 34% in December. The Food and Drug Administration's indecision with regard to Vascepa's New Chemical Entity status is an issue that has weighed heavily on the stock over the past few months. The main catalyst in December, however, was Amarin's decision to hire a sales force and move forward with the commercial launch of Vascepa. This decision left investors wondering if the buyout speculation involving major players like AstraZeneca and Teva were in fact just rumors, or if Amarin still has a chance of nabbing a big pharma partner with a massive marketing team.

In this video, our analysts Max Macaluso and Brenton Flynn discuss why Amarin shares suffered last month.

The biotech space can make or break investors overnight, and while Amarin might not disappear into thin air, the success of its new triglyceride-lowering drug is key to the company's future success or failure. The company has huge potential, but don't invest a dollar before reading everything you need to know about Amarin. You can start now with top analyst Max Macaluso's premium research report. Click here now to keep reading.