In the video below, Fool analysts Jeremy Phillips and Austin Smith talk about Disney (NYSE:DIS), and why Jeremy chose to add this company to his personal portfolio.

The real reason Jeremy chose Disney, a stock pick of the Fool's Supernova service, comes down to one word: sports.

Sports programming -- particularly ESPN -- makes up a substantial amount of Disney's profits. And most cable TV subscribers can't do without it. Because of that, Jeremy sees a strong brand holding up for a long time to come.

The company also would stand to do well if providers start unbundling their cable or satellite TV packages, Austin says. In that case, customers might be willing to pay an even higher price on their own than what they are now paying in their bundled monthly bill.

On top of that, investors get second-to-none brand management in Disney, whether it's through their movies or amusement parks.

The third-best performer in the Dow last year, Disney still sells at a reasonable multiple, according to Austin.