Joel: Also, when you were talking about a lot of the drilling, one of the big worries... A lot of industries like refining have done very well because there's a huge spread between the WTI and the Brent international prices. A lot of this spread is because of takeaway capacity. There's just not enough pipelines to service a lot of the North American plays.

Do you see any companies, or a group of companies, that can really take advantage of this, that you see going forward would be good-paying dividend companies because they're MLPs, and just good companies overall?

Taylor: Yeah, certainly. The Bakken really highlighted the need for these companies to step up. You're looking at the midstream, you're looking at takeaway capacity through pipelines, and then storage facilities because of what's happening right now.

Tons of flaring is going on along the Appalachian Basin, and also in the Bakken. The EPA is going to start cracking down on that so they're really going to need some more midstream assets to rely on here, so I'm looking at maybe an Enbridge (NYSE:ENB), a Canadian-based company, who's really trying to get into this Bakken area because they do realize that there's a dearth of infrastructure there.

Maybe hopefully get that to the East and West Coast, rather than just going through Cushing, which is where the Keystone XL Pipeline is going with TransCanada (NYSE:TRP).

Those are two big companies from the north that I'm looking at. 

Check out the video for what else could take off in this sector moving forward.

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