Apollo Group (NASDAQ:APOL) is to roll out a new course aimed at teaching and encouraging business innovation, the for-profit educational services provider announced in an official news release. The course, known as Innovator's Accelerator, is a six-week "Web-based learning experience" that focuses on amplifying innovative thinking in executives and in the organizations they serve. The classes take the form of a series of video lectures.

The course was designed and will be taught by three noted individuals in the field: Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, INSEAD business school's Hal Gregersen, and Wharton's Jeffrey Dyer. The three are the authors of The Innovator's DNA, a popular book on the subject.

Apollo Group didn't specify the tuition for the course on its website; The Wall Street Journal reports that it will be $1,999 per student. The class carries no degree credit.

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