-3.5%, -3.1%, 4.2%.

That's Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) performance for the past three days in spite of the general market's tame moves. The company is on a roller-coaster ride of volatility not commonly seen among the world's largest stocks.

In the video below, technology analyst Eric Bleeker talks about Apple's performance today. With mixed opinions and little new news on Wall Street regarding Apple, Eric notes that today's price movements could be a bounce-back from the negative overreaction of the past two days. In the long run, he says that part of the volatility surrounding Apple is its huge reliance on one product line, the iPhone, for most its earnings.

As Apple continues to branch out an iPad product line and potentially introduce a cheaper iPhone or one with a larger screen between its main product cycle, an unseen "benefit" to Apple investors could be a reduction in the perception the company is so dependent on one make-or-break product at the tail end of each year.

To learn Eric's thoughts on Apple's wild week, watch the video below.

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