In the video below, Fool analysts Max Macaluso and David Williamson discuss Dendreon (NASDAQOTH:DNDNQ) and one overlooked opportunity for the company ahead.

Sales for Dendreon present both an opportunity and a risk, David says. Up until some 4th quarter numbers were released by the company, it seemed Dendreon had no hope of hitting profitability without reversing its previous sales trends.

The company's restructuring under CEO John Johnson has lowered the break-even point from $500 million to $400 million. But the company cannot cut its way to success, David says.

Fortunately, it does look like it's turning around sales. It's important to see sales continue to grow. In the short term, investors need to keep close watch on sales figures.

Long term, a bright spot for Dendreon is that it faces almost no generic drug risk for its Provenge prostate cancer treatment, David says. That's not a reason to buy the company; but it is a silver lining for investors, and a bonus if sales pick up.

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