There's never a dull week on Wall Street. Let's go over some of the news that will shape the week to come.

The new trading week kicks off with VMware (NYSE:VMW) reporting. The virtualization software speedster is expected to post a profit of $0.78 a share, comfortably ahead of the $0.62 it cranked out a year earlier.

Corning (NYSE:GLW) is one of the many companies reporting on Tuesday. Is the third generation of Corning's Gorilla Glass unbreakable? Can the rest of Corning's businesses bounce back? Investors will be closer to getting some answers next week.

Wednesday is the day Research In Motion (NYSE:BB) investors have been waiting for. The company has been pointing to Jan. 30 as its media event to introduce BlackBerry 10, hoping that the new mobile operating system will breathe new life into its smartphone business. The stock has been on a tear in recent weeks, so the market's expectations are understandably huge. The mobile market seems to be cornered by iOS and Android. If BlackBerry wants a second chance at relevance, it will have to be ready to wow the skeptics.

(NYSE:MA) charges in on Thursday. The credit card marketer usually offers a good way to get a pulse on consumer spending trends. We'll see how things play out. Analysts see MasterCard earning $4.82 a share after reporting net income of $4.04 a year earlier.

It's a big day for Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX). One of this past week's hottest stocks will be rolling out House of Cards to its subscribers. There's plenty of buzz for the series, and Netflix has exclusive streaming rights for now.

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