Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) has named the next CEO of its Warner Bros. film production unit. Stepping into the role will be Kevin Tsujihara, replacing current chief Barry Meyer. Tsujihara will assume the post March 1; Meyer will continue to serve in his current function as chairman of the division until the end of the year.

Tsujihara is a longtime executive at the company, most recently serving as president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group. He has been in that position since 2005, and started at the company in 1994 as director, special projects, finance. As president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, he oversees the company's home video, digital distribution, video games, anti-piracy, and emerging technology operations.

Tsujihara was quoted in the company press release as saying, "We're at a pivotal moment in the histories of Hollywood and entertainment: technology is changing the canvas we use to create theatrical releases; home entertainment is rapidly evolving; and the definition of television now includes viewing across a wide range of devices and services. But in my mind one thing remains clear and constant: Warner Bros.' unmatched ability to tell stories that inspire, educate, and entertain global audiences."


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