There's never a shortage of losers in the stock market. Let's take a closer look at five of this past week's biggest sinkers.


Feb. 1

Weekly Loss

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BlackBerry (NYSE:BB)








Fusion-io (UNKNOWN:FIO.DL)




3D Systems (NYSE:DDD)




Star Scientific (NASDAQOTH:RCPI)




Source: Barron's.

The company formerly known as Research In Motion tumbled on the market's poor reaction to the smartphone pioneer's BlackBerry 10 media event. The updated mobile operating system is generally receiving positive reviews, but it's hard to impress investors when your stock nearly triples in the weeks leading up to the unveiling.

Hosting analysts for the day didn't do Velti any favors. Analysts at Wells Fargo and Craig Hallum downgraded the stock after the event, reportedly on a lack of guidance and the company's plan to divest assets in some areas.

Fusion-io tumbled after providing a weak near-term outlook. The data storage specialist now sees itself generating no more than $440 million in revenue this fiscal year, well short of the $530 million the market was hoping for. Delayed orders from its two largest customers aren't helping.

3D Systems lost ground. There was no material news weighing on the maker of 3-D printers, but the additive manufacturing niche has been on fire for months. A slight retreat is fair, though investors will naturally want to see whether the market views this as a buying opportunity or if investors will continue to drop the trendy stock.

Finally, Star Scientific was a falling star after a little back and forth with On Monday morning, the company issued a press release refuting claims made in an earlier column on Star Scientific pointed out what it sees as false and misleading statements about its anatabine research and the initial results of the ASAP Human Thyroid Health Study. Well, the columnist fired back a day later, refuting the refutation. Time will tell which side is right, though this past week, the bears got the upper hand.