Brendan Byrnes: I want to ask you real quickly about a company I'm interested in, because I'm a shareholder.

Eric Bleeker: All right.

Brendan: Cirrus Logic (NASDAQ:CRUS). What do you think of them?

Eric: [laughs]

Brendan: Is this the levered Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) play, or do you see this as them potentially maybe reaching out into other areas?

Eric: Yeah. The point is, 91% of revenue was from Apple last quarter. Let's face it, you don't get much more concentrated than that. They've got other opportunities they're attacking. They've built some audio product lines aimed at other companies. They're coming up with some lighting solutions. They're aimed at diversifying their energy portfolio, but it's all driven by Apple.

What's really great, potentially, for Cirrus Logic, is you look at higher volume plays, like an iPad Mini, that it's less profit per unit to Apple, but it's higher volume to Cirrus Logic and they're really playing a volume game on Apple products.

And they're cheap. We look at their price last quarter, it was less than 20X earnings, what they had last quarter, and it's hard to find that in a company, so I'm still liking Cirrus Logic. Again, I think it's definitely the best Apple component play.

Brendan: All right. Eric Bleeker, thank you for your time. Make sure you go back to for more analysis. Thanks for watching, and Fool on!