Listen to the Battle Royale, a regular feature in our Supernova premium service where Fool co-founder David Gardner pits two stocks against each other. Which one will emerge victorious?
We're giving you a free sneak peek into this segment that was taped in April 2012.
* Titanium Metals (NYSE: TIE) was acquired by  Precision Castparts Corp. (UNKNOWN:PCP.DL)


Max Keeler: So let's get to our other pairing. We have Athena Health (NASDAQ:ATHN) vs. Titanium Metals (NYSE: TIE) .

David Gardner: Right, and for this one I'm going to stick with the surer bet, so I'm going to go with Titanium Metals. Athena Health is a really interesting emerging company; I encourage our members to take a look and join us on the Rule Breaker discussion board for Athena Health.

I mean as a 10-year play, Athena might well outperform Titanium Metals, but just for the year ahead, maybe I'm feeling a little bit more cautious after a great first quarter for the stock market, although by no means am I a market timer and I'm definitely not making any kind of cold feet call about the market in the year ahead.

Max: This is fun, we're having fun here.

David Gardner: Yeah, we're having fun, so Titanium Metals advances.