Engineering and manufacturing services provider Ducommun (NYSE:DCO) announced today that it has received a number of contracts from helicopter manufacturer AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp. to produce specialized wiring harnesses for its new AW139 multimission helicopter.

The AW139 is a  medium twin-turbine helicopter capable of carrying up to 15 passengers at very high speeds of up to 165 knots and can be used for a wide range of applications including EMS and search-and-rescue, offshore oil and gas producer support, fire fighting, law enforcement, paramilitary, and military roles, according to the company.  More than 180 customers in 60 countries have purchased nearly 670 AW139s. 

"We are excited that AgustaWestland has selected Ducommun for this new opportunity," said Anthony J. Reardon, Ducommun's president and CEO, noting the two companies have a long history together. Ducommun's LaBarge Technologies will produce the wiring harnesses through December 2014 at the company's Joplin, Mo., facility.


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