This could be quite a year for oil services companies, as a recent Barclays report estimates that exploration and production companies will spend a record $644 billion in 2013. While there are risks, investors should look at this as a great opportunity to look at oil services companies. With that in mind, contributor Tyler Crowe and Motley Fool analyst Joel South discuss three under-the-radar oil services companies that could have a killer year.  

With so much attention paid to the big players in oil and gas, some of these niche players can make some of the best investments without being the best stories. Kodiak Oil & Gas is one of those exploration and production companies that stays out of the news but could be a great opportunity for investors. With great opportunities, though, there are always risks. Before you hitch your horse to this carriage, let us help you with your due diligence. To see whether Kodiak is currently a buy or sell, check out our new premium report, which comes with a year of timely updates and analysis.

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