Although Internet security software and technology firm VirnetX (NYSEMKT:VHC) had its patents validated over prior art during a patent infringement lawsuit , a jury said the routers made by Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) that run virtual private networks didn't infringe on them.

VirnetX's patents cover technology for secure communications, including 4G LTE security. The jury held that despite Cisco's claims that VirnetX's '504, '211, and '135 patents were invalid because of prior art, the jury rejected that assertion, and also said Cisco failed to prove that VirnetX's '759 patent was invalid.

However, the jury also determined that VirnetX did not prove that Cisco's products infringed the patents in this case, either.

As a result of the decision, though, VirnetX will continue to license its 4G technology to the 4G LTE mobile markets. "While we are disappointed that the jury did not find infringement in our suit with Cisco, we are pleased that the Jury found our patents to be valid," said VirnetX CEO and president Kendall Larsen.

The tech firm also noted that the infringement case it won in November against Apple, where it was awarded $368 million, was not effected by the jury's decision.