Ping Fu, author of Bend, Not Break, founder and CEO of Geomagic, and incoming chief strategy officer at 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD), tells of her journey from being a penniless newcomer to the United States, to an incredibly successful CEO.

The following transcript is lightly edited.

Brendan Byrnes: One of the interesting things about 3D Systems is it's been very highly acquisitive and it's bought dozens and dozens of companies over the past years. Do you see that continuing specifically with 3D Systems and this consolidation buying up some smaller players?

Ping Fu: I think the importance is not so much about consolidation but about creating a more complete product line, more streamlined workflow, more affordable solutions for customers. Most important is the customer experience. We will continue to do that if it makes sense. I remember Jack Stack, who wrote the book The Great Game of Business -- he told me that great business starts with innovation. Then you focus on product, then you focus on market, then you focus on building companies. 3D Systems is really in the stage of building companies.