Adding onto a patent infringement lawsuit filed against RF Micro Devices (UNKNOWN:RFMD.DL) in February 2012, Peregrine Semiconductor (UNKNOWN:PSMI.DL) announced that it has filed a new lawsuit in U.S. District Court, alleging that the chipmaker also infringed on its patented intellectual property relating to radio frequency integrated circuits, or RFICs, and switching technology. Peregrine seeks damages and to permanently enjoin RFMD from further infringement. 

Peregrine claims that some of RF's products infringe a newly issued patent relating to silicon-on-insulator, or SOI, technology for RFICs, which significantly improves the linearity and circuit performance of RF SOI devices. Peregrine says the "HaRP" invention is instrumental for RF SOI devices to successfully meet the demanding RF requirements of advanced mobile wireless applications such as 4G LTE.

Peregrine President and CEO Jim Cable said: "Peregrine's proprietary UltraCMOS process and design technologies are the result of more than 20 years of intensive research and development activity and the investment of approximately two hundred million dollars. Peregrine is committed to a vigorous defense of its intellectual property and continuing advancements in the field." 

Also defendants in the earlier lawsuit are Google's Motorola Mobility and HTC, whose smartphones are charged with infringing on the patents. Complaints that were also filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission have since been withdrawn.