Investors have gotten their money's worth out of Boston Scientific's (NYSE:BSX) stock lately. Shares of the medical device maker have surged by more than 30% in the past six months alone, rising higher despite the company's troubles. Sales have fallen into a slump at Boston Scientific, led lower by the company's cardiac rhythm management, or CRM, business, which produces everything from pacemakers to implantable defibrillators. This is an industry on the decline -- Medtronic (NYSE:MDT), a leader in the medical device field, has seen its own CRM sales slump in recent quarters, while Boston Sci rival St. Jude Medical (NYSE:STJ) has similarly had its top line hammered by its CRM division's falling revenue.

Boston Scientific is more than just a cardiovascular device maker, however -- and its smaller, growing divisions invite hope for the company's future despite the slump in its core business. In this video, Motley Fool contributor Dan Carroll and health care analyst Max Macaluso discuss one of Boston Scientific's hot growing businesses and why investors should pay attention to the company's upcoming earnings report to see whether it's making the right moves to turn around its lagging sales.

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