On its website yesterday, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) introduced a new mobile app aimed at making it easy for users to donate money to various charities. The app is called One Today, and it's currently in a testing phase for Android smartphones in the U.S. and available by invitation-only. 

According to the One Today site, the new app "lets people learn about different nonprofits every day, donate to projects that inspire them, and amplify their impact by matching their friends' donations." Every day, mobile users can learn about a new charity through the app and, as users give to certain charities, the app learns which nonprofits the user is most interested in. 

The One Today website said that individuals can only donate $1 dollar per project per day, but can also start challenges that allow friends to match their donations. Nonprofits can register to be part of One Today through the website, and users can also explore organizations through the site and the app. 

Android users who woud like to request an invitation can do so by going here.

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