From the impact of Obamacare to cutting-edge research, biotech buyouts to FDA decisions, The Motley Fool's health-care team sits down each week to discuss the most fascinating developments in health care and their implications for long-term investors. In this week's edition, the team talks about The Atlantic's fifth annual Health Care Forum, biotechs in the news, two stocks investors need to watch, and more.

In the segment below, health-care analyst David Williamson highlights key takeaways from the panel of Farzad Mostashari, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology for the United States. This part of the program focused on the future of health IT in the country and that while making big strides, the true impact of this technological revolution is still in the early innings.

Watch and find out and why it has captured the attention of venture capitalists and discover one stock investors may want to put on their radars.