Private equity firm Main Street Capital (NYSE:MAIN) announced today third-quarter monthly dividends of $0.155 per share, the same rate it paid in the second quarter after it raised the payout a half penny from $0.15 per share.

The board of directors said the dividends will be paid in July, August, and September, totaling $0.465 per share for the third quarter.

Since its October 2007 IPO, Main Street has regularly increased the amount of its monthly dividends paid, and has never reduced it. It paid a special dividend of $0.35 per share in January.

The regular dividend payment equates to a $1.86-per-share annual dividend yielding 6.3% based on the closing price of Main Street's stock on May 8.

MAIN Dividend Chart

MAIN Dividend data by YCharts. Chart reflects payment of special dividend in Jan. 23. 2013