Just a month after launching the iPhone 5 on its network, T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) increased the down payment of the phone today by $50. The increase wasn't officially publicized, and it requires future T-Mobile iPhone customers to pay $150 for the down payment, including $20 per month until the phone is paid off. 

The shift in pricing comes just a month after the company entered a court-ordered agreement with the Washington State Attorney General to clarify that customers will need to pay the full amount for a phone if they end their T-Mobile phone plan early. As a result of the agreement, T-Mobile customers who purchased a phone between March 26 and April 25 were allowed to return their phones and cancel their plans without having to pay the full price of the phone. 

T-Mobile marketed itself as the "uncarrier" when it launched its no-contract plans just a few months ago.