For a moment, it looked like Dell's (UNKNOWN:UNKNOWN) drama had run its course. The news had already come and gone that the company's founder, Michael Dell, had conjured a deal with a number of investors to take his business private.

Before the privatization deal, Dell stock would have paid out to around $13.65 a share, but now a new player has hit the scene with a counter-offer for $12 a share, and an option for investors to still hold their stake in the company.

The man proposing the deal is none other than billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who claims he's making the offer for the benefit of the shareholders. The whole situation begs the question: Is it better to sink with a company's owner, or venture into the unknown with a newcomer? In the video below, Fool contributor Caroline Bennett takes a closer look at what Carl Icahn might have in store for Dell, and whether it may (or may not) actually be better for the company.

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