Financial services specialist iStar Financial  (NYSE:STAR) announced yesterday that it was paying dividends on six series of preferred stock, payable on June 17 to the holders of record at the close of business on June 1.

The various series of preferred stock, all have a liquidation preference of $25, and their payouts are as follows:

  • 8.00% Series D - $0.50 per share
  • 7.875% Series E - $0.492188 per share
  • 7.80% Series F - $0.4875 per share
  • 7.65% Series G-$0.478125 per share
  • 7.50% Series I - $0.46875 per share
  • 4.50% Series J - $0.55 per share
The dividend for the Series J Preferred Stock is pro-rated this quarter to reflect the partial period since it was issued on March 18. For the full-quarterly period, the regular dividend on the Series J preferred stock would be calculated at $0.5625 per share.