The utility subsidiary of CMS Energy (NYSE:CMS) announced yesterday that it was paying dividends on both series of its preferred stock, payable on July 1 to the holders of record at the close of business on June 3.

The board of directors of Consumers Energy said that on its $4.16 stock, which trades on the NYSE under the symbol CMS_pa, it was paying a dividend of $1.04 per share, while on its $4.50 stock, which trades on the NYSE under the symbol CMS_pb, it was paying a dividend of $1.125 per share.

Based on CMS Energy's second-quarter dividend of $0.255 for each share of common stock, which was announced in April, the dividend for non-preferred shares annualizes to $1.02 per share. That yields 3.6% at CMS Energy's most recent closing price on May 16.


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