In order to try to get first-mover status during the unconventional oil and gas boom, several companies took on large tracts of speculative land in hopes of paying them off later on. Now, some of these companies are selling off large portions of those lands in order to bring their balance sheets in order. Chesapeake Energy has been one of the most visible companies doing this, but it looks as though Apache (NYSE:APA) will be following suit. The company intends to unload about $4 billion in assets to reduce its debt load and return some value to investors.

Of course, not all assets are created equal, and Apache certainly has some non-core assets. In this video, contributor Tyler Crowe takes a look at some of the more important assets on the company's books and what could be potential sale candidates.

Disclaimer: In this video, the author comments on Apache's Gulf of Mexico safety record. While Apache is among the industry leaders in offshore violations in the U.S., it is important to note that the company has more platforms and operating wells than any other Gulf of Mexico operator. Apache's Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Incident of Noncompliance in 2012 was .03 which was better than the industry average of .04.