Just days after announcing it won a U.S. Navy contract for its night vision goggle technology, ITT Exelis (UNKNOWN:XLS.DL) issued a separate release saying the U.S. Army awarded it a $48 million contract for follow-on production of its enhanced night vision goggles. It expects to complete deliveries in 2014.

Exelis competed and qualified the Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggle, or SENVG, during the Army's rigorous qualification phase of the contract and received the first of two production year contract options in April 2012. The SENVG features Exelis' latest sensor-fused night vision technology that combines infrared imagery and image intensification into one compact goggle.

Nick Bobay, Exelis night vision and tactical communications systems president, said: "This award confirms our leadership position in the field of night vision technology. We understand the importance of the enhanced night vision program, and we are committed to delivering state-of-the-art technology to the U.S. Army so soldiers can achieve mission success in any environment."

The SENVG is designed to accommodate enhancements for future network integration and lays the foundation for a digital future.