The fisticuffs in the fuel markets this year have not helped with the controversy surrounding the blending of renewable fuels into gasoline. Refiners such as Holly Frontier (NYSE:HFC) and Valero (NYSE:VLO) have been upset with skyrocketing prices for blending credits -- some reasons more legitimate than others. Nonetheless, the EPA has finally responded with proposed changes of its own to help increase the supply and diversity of renewable fuels while decreasing the volatility in the market for credits. That is good news for refiners in the long term, even if the EPA is probably just saving face for the lack of supply of mandated cellulosic ethanol. 

Unfortunately, these changes only apply to advanced biofuels and will likely do little in the short term to quell the volatility in first-generation biofuels markets. That doesn't mean opportunities will not be created. In the following video, contributor Maxx Chatsko tells investors about two companies that will generate additional revenue streams without lifting a finger.