Just when you thought we were done with energy export debates, the next one is due to come crashing down on us very soon, all thanks to a rule passed back in 1979 that no one really noticed. As more and more oil comes out of the ground in the U.S., we're going to come up against the ban on exporting crude oil. 

As you can imagine, the opposing sides are already drawing up their talking points, and many will sound eerily familiar to what we've heard when talking about exporting natural gas. The one element that works in the favor of crude exporters, though, is that the U.S. already exports huge quantities of gasoline and diesel fuel. In this video, Fool.com contributor Tyler Crowe talks with Aimee Duffy to explain why the crude-oil debate might not be as heated as the natural gas debate and when we should expect to be talking about it more. 


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