The management team for the new, soon-to-be-unbankrupt American Airlines is starting to take shape.

On Monday, in a joint announcement, merging partners AMR Corporation (UNKNOWN:AAMRQ.DL) and US Airways (UNKNOWN:LCC.DL) announced that after they have merged. Current AMR Chairman and CEO Tom Horton will serve as chairman of the board of the new company, while US Airways Chairman and CEO Doug Parker will serve as CEO of the new American and also sit on the board of directors.

Additionally, the companies named:

  • Scott Kirby as president of the combined company, and responsible for planning, marketing, sales, alliances, pricing/yield management, and operations;
  • Elise Eberwein as executive vice president for people and communications;
  • Robert Isom as chief operating officer and CEO of US Airways;
  • Stephen Johnson as executive vice president for corporate affairs;
  • Derek Kerr as chief financial officer;
  • Beverly Goulet as chief integration officer;
  • Maya Leibman as chief information officer; and
  • William Ris as senior vice president for government affairs.

The first five listed executives hail from the US Airways side of the soon-to-merge company, and the last three are from American.

Additionally, the companies noted that American Eagle Airlines President and CEO Dan Garton will be stepping down later this year, and will be replaced by an executive to be named later.

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