When it comes to stock market soap operas, one of the thickest plots revolves around the fate of Dell (NASDAQ: DELL). The tech company is being pulled in two different directions, one by its founder, Michael Dell, who wants to take it private. At the other end is billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who believes the company may be getting a bum deal with a potential buyout.

A resolution won't be reached until shareholders vote for or against the buyout on July 18. But in the meantime, both sides have had plenty of mud to sling at each other, and neither believes the other camp has the company's best interests at heart. In the latest twist, the company's board of directors has called out Icahn's team for inaccurate calculations of Dell stock. Fool contributor Caroline Bennett takes a closer look at how Dell got to this decision, and what it could all mean for investors on June 18.