Comic books are already huge in Hollywood. Fairy tales are getting bigger by the day, thanks to the hit shows Grimm and Once Upon a Time. What happens when you combine the two? We'll find out when DC Entertainment releases a film based on the award-winning comic book series Fables, in which popular characters from lore end up in New York City.

There's reason to be optimistic. Grimm is an audience favorite -- a 2012 People's Choice award nominee, to be specific -- that's also a draw for Comcast's (NASDAQ: CMCSA) NBCUniversal, capturing nearly 7 million viewers per episode last season. AMC Networks has enjoyed similar (OK, greater) success with the comics-sourced hit The Walking Dead.

Could a Fables film really boost Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) stock? Sure, says Fool contributor Tim Beyers in the following video. The DC Comics parent earned billions from the now-completed Harry Potter franchise. Sourcing internally for similarly fantastical fare only makes sense, Tim says, especially when the anointed producers (i.e., Heyday Films) were also responsible for Harry's on-screen adventures.

Are you looking forward to a Fables film? Are you reading the comic? Watch the video and then leave a comment to let us know what you think of the project, and whether you would buy, sell, or short Time Warner stock at current prices.