To have public- and private-sector leaders think alike is refreshing. During a recent EIA conference in Washington, D.C., Southern Co. (NYSE:SO) CEO Tom Fanning reiterated points made by both President Obama and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz. His three points revolved around improving the capability of the United States to effectively and efficiently produce and distribute necessary electricity power.

Based on his three points, it is clear that we have some work to do, but momentum is being generated in a positive direction. Utilizing the full portfolio of energy options is priority No. 1, and Southern Co. is providing a great blueprint for how this could roll out. The other two points he believes are critical are that we need to make it a national priority and shore up our country's financial situation.

While the last two points on Fanning's list are a bit more complicated, his first point is discussed in greater depth in the video below.

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