Camden National (NASDAQ:CAC) has elected not to change its dividend policy for the moment. The company declared a quarterly payout of $0.27 per share, to be handed out on July 31 to shareholders of record as of July 15. That amount matches the company's previous distribution, which was dispensed at the end of April. Before that, Camden National paid a regular distribution of $0.25 per share in every quarter stretching back to April 2008.

The Maine-based financial-services company has been a reliable dividend payer for many years. Since the beginning of 2004, its disbursement has ranged from $0.20 per share to the present level. It also occasionally hands out special dividends, the most recent of which was a $0.50 payout distributed in December 2011.

The newly declared dividend annualizes to $1.08 per share. That yields slightly over 3% at Camden National's current stock price of $35.67.

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