At the May 30 annual shareholders' meeting of Dassault Systemes (NASDAQOTH:DASTY), a dividend of 0.80 euros per share for fiscal 2012 was agreed upon, with each investor able to determine whether he or she wanted to receive the payout in cash or in new shares of the 3-D design software specialist.

Dassault announced today the results of the vote and said that 67.93% of those voting elected to receive new shares, which will be distributed at an issuance price of 91.71 euros. As a result, 741,175 new ordinary shares will be issued, representing 0.59% of the share capital and 0.44% of Dassault's voting rights calculated on the basis of the share capital and voting rights on May 31, with the new shares delivered on June 28.

Shareholders who elected to receive cash dividends will also be paid as from June 28, with the aggregate amount being 31.3 million euros. 

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