Several opponents of President Obama's climate initiatives he unveiled in Tuesday's speech have said that the president has declared a "war on coal," and that these initiatives will kill the industry. This was probably the expected response from coal, but one company is turning that logic on its head. Peabody Energy (OTC:BTU) released a statement immediately following the president's climate change speech in support of many of the carbon emission limits he outlined. To do their part, the company is pledging to develop better carbon sequestration techniques, improve efficiency generation technology, and advance cleaner coal generation practices in developing nations. 

Seems a bit counterintuitive. doesn't it? When you consider that the majority of carbon emissions from coal comes from the burning of that coal, though, it makes sense for coal miners to help utilities burn it cleaner because it keeps the coal industry as a viable entity. Find out how the coal industry might be able to find a home in a world where a focus on carbon emission limits are the norm: contributors Tyler Crowe and Aimee Duffy share the details in the following video. 

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