The following story is from Thursday's Investor Beat, in which host Chris Hill, and Motley Fool analysts David Hanson and Matt Koppenheffer, dissect the hardest-hitting investing stories of the day.

Shares of rival online home-listing services were flying high today. Trulia reported a loss for the second-quarter, but top-line revenue grew 77%. And shares of Zillow were up, as well. In our lead story on Investor Beat, David and Matt examine the risks and rewards of high-flying growth stocks like these, and share why the real estate market is poised for disruption.

Also, our analysts take a look at four stocks making big moves today. Yelp's quarterly revenue rises 69%. Procter & Gamble closes out the year with more than $11 billion in profit. Boston Beer Company serves up big quarterly profits, while Whole Foods battles great expectations.

Finally, David and Matt each pick one stock they'll be watching very closely in the week ahead.