The Board of Directors for clothing retailer Ralph Lauren (NYSE:RL) has welcomed a new member in David Lauren, the company's current Executive Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Corporate Communications. Lauren is also the middle child of Ralph Lauren himself. The Lauren Family, LLC is currently a 10% owner of the company's stock.

In 2001, David Lauren joined the company as chief creative and marketing officer for the business's media and e-commerce sector. Since then, he has come to oversee global marketing and advertising for the Ralph Lauren Corp. Additionally, Lauren has become the president of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation, which supports advances in cancer care and education.

Ralph Lauren, who is also the company's Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, was quoted in the company press release as saying his son is a fitting pick for the board because he is a "passionate advocate for the Ralph Lauren brand and a uniquely talented creative leader. His marketing and advertising innovations have been invaluable to our growth, and his presence on the Board is an important step in the evolution of our Company." The board now has 13 members.