Is ruthlessness and discipline a competitive advantage? Fool contributor Tim Beyers thinks so, and he's seeing more of it from Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) lately.

Look at how CEO Marissa Mayer has cut back not only on perks but also products, boosting shares of Yahoo! stock in the process. Count the Alta Vista search engine among the latest casualties. Once a pioneering piece of software for navigating the Internet, Digital Equipment, Alta Vista's creator, never saw fit to commercialize the product. Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) would fill the vacuum and go on to become one of the world's most valuable companies.

Mayer is at least partially responsible for Google's rise. That she's brought the same focus and discipline to her new gig is a good sign for Yahoo! stock investors. Expect even more pruning and focus, Tim says in the following video.

Do you agree? What Yahoo! product would you cancel next? Leave a comment to let us know what you think of Mayer's strategy and whether you would buy, sell, or short Yahoo! stock now.