The unofficial word is Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will host an iPhone event on Sept. 10 to unveil the 5S handset and (perhaps) a cheaper version dubbed the iPhone 5C.

Hoped-for additions to the 5S include a faster processor and a higher-resolution camera, among other things -- exactly the sorts of meaningless upticks that might drive me, an iPhone user since the days of the 2G, to join Foolish colleague Rick Munarriz in switching to Android.

Source: Apple.

What do I want to see at Apple's iPhone event? A handheld computer that offers a smarter voice and faster wireless. Groundbreaking battery life. A crisp, wide screen for rendering video and social media feeds beautifully. In short: I want Apple to introduce a better take on the phablet, and beat Samsung at its own game.

I'm not the only one. Not long ago, Reuters reported that Apple is working on two different phablet designs for 2014. The Mac maker hasn't confirmed the report, but research says consumers love the larger format. ABI Research expects Samsung and others to sell 150 million phablets this year, rising above 200 million by 2015.

Even so, you can expect design chief Jony Ive's hand-picked team of craftsmen and women to introduce embellishments to the 5S and 5C that will thrill a portion of those attending the iPhone event. Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), meanwhile, has already thrilled former Mac evangelist and current advisor Guy Kawasaki with an advance look at the new (and yes, larger-screen) Moto X. Influential blogger Robert Scoble has also previewed the device, gushing in a recent post that the Moto X is a "game-changing" product.

At least one Fool would disagree. The point remains that while the iPhone is a great product blessed with a bounty of software, it's still a phone competing in a market that's becoming dominated by handheld computers. Your market's changed, Apple. Change with it or give us a reason to try something new.

Now it's your turn to weigh in. What do you want to see at Apple's iPhone event? Are you in the market for a new iPhone or have you switched recently? Leave a comment to let us know what you think.