Oil sands have not had it easy lately. Between labor shortages, operational cost increases, and a general lack of pipeline capacity, exploration and production of Canadian oil sands has not been the most profitable venture. Several companies have either backed out or are putting their assets up for sale. For anyone that knows a little about Warren Buffet, though, would know that when everyone is selling, it's very likely that he is buying. 

That very thing just happened. Buffet recently acquired a large stake in Canada's largest oil sands producer, Suncor (NYSE:SU). For those looking to follow in Buffet's footsteps, there are some signs of life coming from this formerly downtrodden industry. Tune into the video below where Fool.com contributor Tyler Crowe takes a look at some of the positive signs from the oil sands industry and ponders what it will take to keep the momentum going. 

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