One of Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) strengths is its network effect. The more members who join the platform, the more useful it becomes. Likewise, the more useful and relevant Facebook's platform becomes, the more people, businesses, and advertisers want to use it -- adding further strength to this network effect. That's why Fool contributor Daniel Sparks is always on the lookout to see how Facebook is making the platform more useful for its members.

Facebook's recent addition of embedded posts does exactly this. Not only does it make the platform more useful to businesses, but it also serves as an example of how Facebook can seemingly overnight add value to its platform.

Embedded posts allow businesses to embed a post from their page directly into their website.

Source: Facebook Developers blog.

This particular update adds meaningful value to a business' Facebook page, since businesses or bloggers could essentially get all the same social interaction they can get from a post on their pages now on their websites.

In the following video, Daniel explains why he thinks embedded posts are good news for investors.