The following video is from Tuesday's Investor Beat, in which host Mark Reeth and Motley Fool analyst Dave "Infant Money" Hanson and Fool One advisor David "The Legend" Meier dissect the hardest-hitting investing stories of the day.

The markets have been spooked by rumors of military intervention in Syria. In our lead story on Investor Beat, analysts Dave and Dave examine the market's reaction to Syria, if the market seems overvalued right now, and how to keep your cool through it all.

Plus, the guys take a look at four stocks that made big moves on Tuesday. Tiffany reported strong numbers across the board. J.C. Penney is up after Ackman's departure, but it looks like the good times won't last. Starbucks is down on news that Howard Schultz won't cut health-care benefits and hours for workers -- but is this the right move? And McDonald's has announced that it will be selling chicken wings at select locations beginning next month.

Finally, the Daves discuss why they're keeping a close watch on shares of IPG Photonics and Progressive.