In this segment, Motley Fool analysts Joel South and Taylor Muckerman discuss companies 15 thru 11 of their Top 20 energy companies to watch. Companies 20 thru 16 can be found here.

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Fracking is highly reliant on the utilization of proppants to keep the fissures open while natural gas and accompanying liquids are released from underground wells. In the beginning, sand was the resource of choice, but ceramic proppants have begun to show that increased yields can be had when the more expensive substitute is chosen. CARBO Ceramics (CRR) is the industry leader when it comes to ceramic proppants and has been touted by several up-and-coming oil companies for its ability to boost expected ultimate recoveries (EURs) beyond what was originally estimated. 

For more on which companies are using this technology to their advantage and why this company is closing in our Top 10, tune in below. 

CARBO Isn't the Only Company Benefiting from Our Energy Boom