Even as Apple (AAPL -0.60%) is enjoying rave reviews and huge adoption for iOS 7, Fool contributor Tim Beyers says in the following video that he's still thinking of switching to Android.

Why switch? Tim is a heavy user of Google's (GOOGL -0.95%) productivity apps, and he has plenty of company. More than 425 million users were on Gmail as of June 2012. By now, that total is surely past a half billion. Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page has said there are 5 million businesses using Google Apps.

Tim says these numbers reflect a growing opportunity for Google more than a genuine threat to Apple, especially with the Mac maker having sold 9 million new iOS 7-powered handsets last weekend. Some 200 million updated their existing handsets to iOS 7 over the same period.

Can Google investors expect similar growth on the Android side of the ledger? What about the rest of the business? Tim answers these questions and more in the video below.