Social networker Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has troves of data on its users, and it's looking to leverage all your "likes" in yet another way: Facebook is now creating reports on the amount of chatter TV shows are generating on the network, and delivering the results to ABC, Fox, CBS, and NBC.

Facebook is hoping that sharing the reports will help the company win more advertising dollars. The data will come from both public posts, such as "likes" and shares, as well as information from private activities, like messaging, though all data will be anonymized. The key metric will be the total number of social interactions that have occurred relating to a given TV show.

Motley Fool analyst Jason Moser sees this as a great opportunity for Facebook to prove its value to big-ticket advertisers. However, he worries that Facebook's biggest challenge is making sure advertising doesn't detract from the user experience. Facebook stock has had an epic run this year, so Jason thinks this stock price is a little optimistic looking today.