BlackBerry (NYSE:BB), shares are still trading at a level lower than Fairfax Financial's buyout price of $9.00 per share. Recently, BlackBerry co-founder Mike Lazaridis announced he is exploring a possible joint bid for the company.

Fairfax Financial's offer to BlackBerry is tentative, and BlackBerry has the right to solicit itself to others in the interim. During this "go-shop" process, BlackBerry has the ability to test the waters to see if there are better alternatives to Fairfax Financial's $4.7 billion offer.

Reports are that some companies are interested, but they are much more interested in purchasing pieces of BlackBerry rather than the full company. However, what would potential bidders see in BlackBerry? Also, with other companies only interested in parts of BlackBerry, what are BlackBerry's larger business segments worth?

Finally, what's the hidden risk to BlackBerry's valuation that all investors should be aware of?

In today's segment of Tech Teardown, Quick Minute, Jamal Carnette gives you a quick overview of what all BlackBerry investors should know.